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Guidance of tenant offer in Memanbetsu Airport passenger terminal building


By, on July 31, 2018, restaurant 1 store in Memanbetsu Airport passenger terminal building finishing business,
We raise new tenants.

Offer contents

  1. In Memanbetsu Airport passenger terminal building, established store division in departure lobby on the second floor eating and drinking store
    We raise.
  2. Store division becomes 49.94 square meters.

Offer condition

  1. Within three months before what it is said that is from September 1, 2018 to August 31, 2019 as for the term of a contract, and expire period of both sides objection when there is not
    We assume update on similar condition for one year and shall imitate this example afterward.
  2. There are eating and drinking or other business stores in more than ni store other than at least airport store.
  3. Meeting tenant entering condition that we establish.
  4. As for the tenant fee for use, following (as for rent, administrative expense, the direct cost, tax-excluded)
    • Monthly basis rent: 244,506 yen
    • Monthly basis administrative expense: 189,270 yen
    • Direct cost (electricity, water supply, gas)
    • Deposit: 2,885,470 yen (please pay with the contract conclusion.)
    • Other resident burden expenses (store interior construction)

Entering condition

Tenant business contents do not correspond to all next.

Application methods

Applicant attaches the following required document, and please propose.

  1. Entering application (please make ※ style after downloading.)
  2. Company (individual) business summary [company careers]
  3. Proposal (format freedom) - store image, concept (eating and drinking genres)
  4. Other attached documents
    ①In the case of corporation
     ・All the history matters certificate
     ・Report on final accounts (for past two years)
    ②In the case of individual
     ・Identification card
     ・Tax payment certificate (for past two years) - income tax, property tax

About omakusekikakarishorui submitted to, we use only this matter application entering selection and are given disclosure to the outside
We do not do.

Application method and application period

About selection

  1. We have an interview as the second examination to person of paper screening passage after having done paper screening as primary examination,
    We decide resident.
    We notify oboshazenin of selection result by document later.
    About inquiries to affect selection process and others, please note that you cannot answer.
  2. About application, we do not return to entering decider.
We close window