"Getting out Yuzuki Yukari face signboard design illustration" result announcement

"Getting out Yuzuki Yukari face signboard design illustration" result announcement (2014.8.13)

This application, thank you very much. We thank all of you who had you apply heartily.
As a result of having considered in members of a selection committee, we should adopt 4 works which had you apply.
Toward the employed applicant, we present 10,000 yen and "Yuzuki Yukari" Memanbetsu specially made clear file.
Besides we will produce in future on making signboard while asking for cooperation of adjustment by nyukohoho or layout toward the applicant.
(but, as a result of adjustment, we decide to display in different form in airport when production as signboard is difficult)

When visit Shiretoko and Okhotsk of the tenth anniversary of the world heritage of the 50th anniversary of the national park, and come to air gateway "Memanbetsu Airport"; with right or wrong work one piece of memory,, "yes, cheese ♪ of Ozoracho with Memanbetsu Airport" (kasha!)
We wait.

Adoption works are as follows. (application order)

1. Work name: Memanbetsu face soup stock signboard contest (in autumn) nom de plume: The survival of the fittest

[work comment] Adult drew child for painting which seemed to be accepted, too! Originally even person who does not know connection as for the person whom connection likes either has know good point of connection; should be attractive, but connection, the left are Yezo deer of Hokkaido (♀) ... right. Colored leaves of Hokkaido wanted to draw and made mountain, this side forest behind. Of course airplane flying in the sky is airplane which flew from Memanbetsu Airport! We hope that connection and Shiretoko are loved by more people

2. Work name: Summer nom de plume of Shiretoko: atsuage

[work comment] We described rich forest and contact with animals which lived there under the theme of summer Shiretoko. When it is face and makes panel, please dig out face of person of this side.

3. Work name: Coming of spring nom de plume: yaeha

[work comment] Memanbetsu, gregariousness of skunk cabbage of Ozora-cho seem to be the greatest in the country. Skunk cabbage which informs coming of spring in the first more than long winter. Become dark circles awakened to from hibernation completely; and with bear connection Say cheese♪

4. Work name: Rabbit and snowman and connection nom de plume: Kikujiro

[work comment] Did bokaro come to be used as character of airport?…It is work which we created in spite of being to thought. After all is Hokkaido snowy? We deformed toiukotode winter version generally and it was pretty and described to become atmosphere that we did softly.
We close window